Open Science als Weg zu verlässlicher sonderpädagogischer Forschung


In the context of the credibility or replication crisis, researchers are currently confronted with demands for more transparency in their work and sometimes even accusations of a lack of due diligence. Principles that researchers are likely to understand as part of their professional ethos do not always seem to have the highest priority in everyday work and institutionalized processes. Open science practices help researchers make the entire research process more transparent and the communication with the research community more open and immediate. The way scientific communication has changed over the past decades and is likely to continue to change makes open, transparent, and immediate communication with the research community increasingly easy. The time is, therefore, right to take advantage of these new opportunities in the interest of better scientific practice.

Vierteljahresschrift für Heilpädagogik und ihre Nachbargebiete, 91(4), 265-271
Timo Lüke
Timo Lüke
Professor of Inclusive Education and Improvement of Instruction

Interested in instruction, and assessment, especially for learners with disabilities or at risk. Special educator with a focus on learning & intellectual disabilities, and enthusiastic user of single-case research methods.