Teacher Education

Single Case Design Research als Methode evidenzbasierter Sprachförderung und -therapie

Der Beitrag stellt die Idee hinter kontrollierten Einzelfallexperimenten beziehungsweise Single Case Research Designs (auch Single Case Experimental Designs) vor und arbeitet ihr Potential im Kontext evidenzbasierter Sprachtherapie und …

Does the 'Learning Disability' label lower teachers’ performance expectations?

We investigated the influence of the learning disability label on performance expectations among prospective teachers in Germany. Using an experimental design with 276 participants, they read a description of a student with academic problems, with only the experimental group having the student labeled as having a learning disability. Results revealed no significant main effect of the learning disability label, but prospective special education teachers had partially lower performance expectations than regular education teachers.

Does Professional Development Effectively Support the Implementation of Inclusive Education? A Meta‑Analysis

We conducted a meta-analysis of 342 studies to examine the effectiveness of professional development for teachers regarding inclusive education. We found positive effects on all outcome categories, including large effects on teachers' knowledge and moderate effects on teachers' skills. Long-term training with high practical relevance and active learning opportunities was found to be most effective.

Implicit and Explicit Measurement of Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Autism Spectrum Disorder

We examined how a short-term training on autism affected the attitudes of 50 pre-service teachers towards students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Results showed that explicit attitudes significantly improved after training, while implicit attitudes remained neutral. The study suggests that future research on sensitive topics should combine both measures, and that explicit attitudes may be more susceptible to bias than implicit attitudes.